dinsdag 11 oktober 2011

Abstract no.1

 Just another random upload, as promised more nail
designs (:

Don't really know what to call it really...
Haha. If you have a nice idea on how to name this, white, yellow and black striped desigh leave a comment below and I'd love to hear it.

It just popped into my head. I love the colour combination, normaly I don't like the colour yellow but it goes really nice on this white backround.

Soon more uploads to come..
If there are any requests please let me know, I'd be happy to try new things.
If more people do so, I'd might also do tutorials on them so you could do this at home yourself
(I mean these last ones are pretty easy... but still)  <3

zondag 9 oktober 2011

peach dot's

These are perfect to do when you're in a hurry. It takes a view minutes and you're done.
Quick, simple but yet a very cute design (:
Ideal for students like me who sometimes just don't find the time to paint something complicated.

Lately I'm always doning these simple designs on my own nail (but not uploading them, sorry)
Because I find it more fun to do al the detailed and more challenging designs on other peoples nails,
Ofcourse I will keep practicing on my own nails.
That's for sure!

Flowers on trellis nails

Just a quick update.
I painted my mothers nail a while ago but I haven't had time to upload it on to my blog yet. So here are the results: colourful flowers on trellis, she wore this design in the summer, but now it's almost autum the weather is really getting worse and the temperature colder and colder... Yuk!

Lately I haven't paid much attention to my bolg anymore and I'm so busy (school also started and my homework and exams are piling up..) I haven't had much time to paint my nails as much as I used to. I hope this is all going to change it's also more of a lazy thing, because I take the pictures but somehow don't find the time an patient to upload them,

But I'll be posting more on this blog soon (:

vrijdag 27 mei 2011

Owl nails

One of my friends came over the other day, and I had promised her I would paint her nails.
So I did!

At first I didn't really know what to create (lack of inspiration that day I think, was feeling a little tired)

So I asked her to come up with something... Anything! just name it. A print? Flowers? A character? Favorite animal?
So then she came up with this adorable idea to create little owls on her nails.
I loved it.
So here are the results (:

Sorry for the messy cuticles on this photo, the photo session wasn't a big succes because we were in a hurry (actually I was in a hurry) So I just took some random pictures near my window.
It was a sunny day though!!!

donderdag 26 mei 2011

Leopard print nails

And again.. long time no uploads :(

So finally the season of sandals and flipflops is almost here, time to show your feet and paint those toenails of yours.       
Mine looked absolutely terrible. I mean I expected them to be, after a long cold winter. Always wearing these comfy socks keeping them warm (I even had socks to sleep in haha)

So I went al matchy-matchy, and painted my
toes AND nails with this awesome leopard print. I'm absolutely in love with it (:

Really nothing to it, very very easy to create same strategy as my zebra print nails.
Google a picture of a leopard print and doodle around with you polishes.
It hasn't to be neat, sometimes the messier the better! 

zondag 17 april 2011

Cupcake nails

After doing alot of nail designs, and not taking any pictures, and not putting it here on my blog. I felt like I was abandoning my blog and I regret not taking picures of my previous nail designs.
Anyway, like my cupcake nails?

The weather is finally clearing up a bit and spring
is in the air! So alot of fun, fresh and colourful nails coming up!

vrijdag 18 maart 2011

Zebra nail's with a hint of pink.

Nothing much to say really...
Since zebra print is one of my favorite nail designs, I felt like painting my nails like this .. again... but slightly a bit different now, I added some hot pink into it.

there is not really a tecnique for this design just look at a random picture of a zebra print and just randomly criss cross stripes all over the white nailpolish, the messier the better (: