zaterdag 27 november 2010

Newspaper Monsters

 Haha I don't need to say much. Just wanted to show you this I made today.

 I painted the backround with reveral different colours (aquarel)
And I used some old newspapers (:

Love is patient Love is kind pillow

I've been working on this pillow for a view weeks now. Now it sounds like it's been very hard that I've been working such a long time to make this pillow. Not true, it's very simple to make (exept painting those letters on fabric with a stupid pen, that doesn't work along with you and tends to drip al over your fabric when you squeeze to hard in it )
But it was a school project and I only got to work on this once a week.
But yesterday I finally finished it :)

At first I was a bit clumsy with the sewing machine. But I'm getting better and better.

zaterdag 20 november 2010

Best top and base coats

This is the top coat I always use to secure my nails from chipping. Rimmel londnon Pro wear top coat. This nail polish says it stays up to 10 days. I always put 2 layers on my nail art's and it stays up to almost 2 weeks. I'm not promissing this wil not chip, it depends... I mean if you're always busy with your hands, cleaning, cooking etc. ofcourse the changes of chipping sooner are much bigger. unfortunatly I had that problem for a very long time. especially with those cheaper nail polishes. And I used various coats. They were all shit (:
So I decided to give more money for a good one that actually worked. Instead of keeping buying those shitty ones.

Also very inportant is to use a base coat. Before I went all crazy on nail art and painting my nails I heard alot of people talking about a base coat. I was like "yeah sure, as if it really matters with or without a base coat"  I was really stupid because after a long time I started to notice that my nails were starting to get yellowish...
No! I didn't want to ruin my nails. So I did some research and figured out that it was the lack of a propper base coat.
I bought a base and top coat in one form Sally Hansen (double duty) again not the cheapest but it works. After using these products my nails started to look healthy again.
you recognize this? or having the same problems?
try a base coat!

another tip to prevent yellow nails is to leave a little space between your cuticle and the end of your nail polish. So dont touch the cuticle but leave a little space so your nails can "breathe"

vrijdag 19 november 2010

Keroppi nails.

This nail art was inspired by Keroppi the frog (: Oh, this frog is so cute! He's wearing his little red and white sweater and his eyes are wide and bright!
In case you don't know who Keroppi is, he's a Hello Kitty pal.
(He's one of the characters from Sanrio, a Japanese company specialized in creating cute characters. They sell and license various products branded with these characters. Their most successful and best known character is Hello Kitty)

It's hard trying to paint a certain character on your nails when you have very thin nails like me, I feel like theres to little place to paint more complicated stuff.                                   

dinsdag 9 november 2010

Cherry blossom Nails

Cute and Simple!
that's all I can say, very easy to create as well.
I Love this colour nailpolish. I bought it somewhere in a little store in Portugal so I don't know the name for the colour.
It's something like red meets pink... the colour reminds me of a cherry (:

So you don't feel like making something very complicated, or you don't have the time for it. Or even if you think other designs are to hard to copy, try this.

zondag 7 november 2010

Kiwi nails

One of my favorite fruits :)
This design is a little tricky especially when you are right handed and you have to paint your other hand with left.

And again if you are going to copy this, watch your nails. Before you know it someone is willing to eat them :)

donderdag 4 november 2010

Flag your nails

Yup, thats me. Half Dutch, half Portuguese. 

I wore this nail design this summer during the Word Cup 2010.
What a petty, unfortunately none of them won, but then again I'm not that into football. (:

maandag 1 november 2010

Confetti Nails

I was bored, and didn't have that much inspiration.. This is the result.
I think this is a cooler version than just painting each nail a different colour (:

Confetti... if you think about it and say it a couple of times.. WHAT A DUMB WORD!