dinsdag 15 februari 2011

Valentine nails

 I did this nail art design for valentines day (:
Just started off with a simple French manicure
then used a sponge and dept two colours of pink on it (to give it this "air brushed" look) coated it with some pink glitter.        
And just randomly added a big black heart on the center of my nails.

I actually wanted to do two designs for valentines day, but I only got one pare of hands ha ha ha.

I didn't get any Valentine cards or presents... yet!
I did buy someting for my friend. We've been doing this since primary school, so it is kinda late but I'll see her tomorrow and then we exchange presents (:

Valentines day started out to be just for sweethearts but it's kinda funny these days you just send little cards and gifts to the people you
love and care about, like your mom or best friend.

Hope you had a great valentine's day <3

woensdag 9 februari 2011

Just look up to the stars

         I just finshed drawing this (:

dinsdag 8 februari 2011

Simple polkadot nail's

Just a simple and easy nail design. Haha because I'm always busy these days every thing has to be quick and easy, I need to MAKE SOME TIME to paint my nails propperly, like I did with Christmas (:
I think this colour goes gorgeous with white dots, I had people come to me asking is that a sticker or did you do this yourself? omg seriously people this is SO EASY to make! you're crazy if you go and buy stickers like this, save you money for something else (:
just take a dotting tool and dot random dots all over your nails, don't own a dotting tool?
try using a tooth pick (personally I find tooth picks to thin for dotting)

here's a tip: take one of your bobby pins and just break it, so you have one long "stick" ? eheh... look closely bobby pins have these round thingy's at the end, perfect shape for perfect dots! Or just simple buy a dotting tool
at one of your drug stores (comes in really handy, trust me!)