zondag 26 december 2010

Final Results Christmas nails

Tadaa, this is what I came up with for the holidays, instead of painting every nail with just the same charachter over and over again on each nail. I decided to paint every nail different. Because I had so much ideas (: and so little time to create those.

Secretly I was hoping to paint my friends nails or something, but nah.. I only got to do my mom's nails (which I'm going to post later on)

She's the only person close enough, to just doodle around and practise on her nails any time I want to. (and doens't mind if I mess up)
This design did cost me alot of time to make, as you already saw in my post below the penguin on my thumb already existed.
Actually I am kinda sad Christmas is already over, it went by so quickly.


 - A candy cane  
 - A reindeer, Looking up from behind a brick-wall    
 - A snowman 
- Ginger bread- man


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