zaterdag 4 december 2010

Scottish Nail art.

 Today I went to the stores and bought more nailpolish (as if I don't have enough already! I can always add some colours to my colection, right? :)
And I couldn't wait to use them. My nails were already red, So I just randomly doodle over it. And then it hit me, Why not imitate a scottish print?
This is what it looks like (:
I always get pissed off if I take pictures because it never turns out the same way as in real life, depending on the light and blahblah. So I take a million photos in different lights and positions. And then I can't choose which ones to put on my blog :|
To avoid frustrations I just randomly pick a few. Or else it would take ages for me to just add a simple quick message.
                                                       Oké enough with my silly babbling (:

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